Flight Story Expands Into Web3 With Acquisition Of Zebu : Welcome Flight3!

• Flight Story announces acquisition of Zebu, a marketing company focused on web3 and emerging technologies
• Harry Horsfall, CEO and co-founder of Zebu, is an experienced serial entrepreneur in the web3 space
• Flight3 will focus on providing companies with web3-focused content and communication services

Flight Story Acquires Web3 Marketing Company Zebu

Flight Story, a digital marketing and communications company founded by Steven Bartlett and Oliver Yonchev, have today announced the 100% acquisition of Zebu, a marketing collective focused on innovation, web3 and emerging technologies. The new Flight3 division of Flight Story will focus on providing companies with web3-focused content and communication services.

About Zebu

Zebu was founded by brothers Harry and Jolyon Layard Horsfall alongside their close friend Henry Hankin in 2021. The 30-strong team at Zebu has worked to accelerate projects related to blockchain technology (such as Solana, Tezos, OKX and NEAR). Harry Horsfall is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the space.

Mission Statement

Steven Bartlett, co-founder of Flight Story shares: “Web 3.0 includes AI, Machine Learning and blockchain technology. The total market valuation of the metaverse is forecasted to be $678bn by 2030 per Grand View Research – ‘web 3.0’ is already on its way to becoming a multi-trillion dollar industry…Flight Story endeavours to be the most advanced marketing agency in the world – that’s why Zebu is the perfect addition to our team – they further our mission of keeping brands at the very forefront of what’s possible.”

Impact On Market Valuation

The total market valuation for “web 3.0” is expected to reach $678bn by 2030 per Grand View Research’s estimates – making it a multi trillion dollar industry. By acquiring Zebu Digital as part of the acquisition process from Flight Story, this allows them to keep their clients ahead of this rapidly changing digital media landscape which will help increase their overall market valuation.


The acquisition between FlightStory & Zebu Digital marks a major milestone for both companies as they move forward into new markets together. With this new partnership comes new opportunities for both companies especially when considering “web 3” technology which is projected to become one of the largest industries within coming years due to its rapid growth & potential applications across multiple sectors worldwide!